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Workshop Culture House of Tijuana 1997-1998 PROPAVIS 2001 program Humanities Center of Baja California.


Museo Centro Cultural Tijuana, CECUT Tijuana B.C Mex.


-Pechakucha Night Tijuana Vol. 2 December 2012, Tijuana B.C. México.

-Contemporary textil Art TC3 Dialogue with the participants and artists on the contemporary textil cubism of the Museum of Oaxaca, where the artists present their images of their art work. El Cubo, Tijuana’s Cultural Center CECUT. Tijuana B.C. México. March 2012

-TC3 9th Contemporary Textil Art Proposal, Textil Museum of Oaxaca, conversation with the artist. Textil Museum of Oaxaca, Oaxaca México. July 2011


-How to reapply and give the junk food wrappers, so it can be utilice as a new pictorial material. Children’s workshop at the Graphic Art Institute of Oaxaca IAGO. Oaxaca, Oaxaca México. February 2013


- AAD Arte al día MEXICO Magazine Review of YO CODIGO COMUNIDAD (My community code) by Carlos-Blas Galindo. May-June 2013

- AAD Arte al día MEXICO Editorial 6.0 Anniversary Edition Magazine. Pablo Llana: MOUTHFUL TALK BETWEEN THE BORDERS AND THE COMMON SENSES, pages.24-25 March-April 2013

- noticiasnet.mx News Bringing the cultural sickness of plastic arts, Pablo Llana February 2013

-News Oaxaca : MOUTHFUL. February 2013

-News Oaxaca : MOUTHFUL. February 2013

-CUARTOSCURO Magazine: Pablo Llana MOUTHFUL at IAGO Oaxaca Mex.

-Press note Oaxaca - Section C by Carina Pérez García

-Book cover “CORNUCOPIA” by Octavio Hernández Díaz, “Chewed Landscape” 2012, CECUT CONACULTA

- Tijuaneo Magazine: The satirical art of Pablo Llana February 2010

-Los Angeles Times: From nine Tijuana Artists: Perspectives as fresh as paint. November 2001


“Sweet Death” Art Virus LTD. Gallery Frankfurt, Germany September 2015

“SPEECHLESS” La Caja Galería, Tijuana B.C. México. November 2013 - April 2014

“YO CODIGO COMUNIDAD” Centro Cultural Tijuana CECUT, Tijuana B.C., México. April-August 2013

“MOUTHFUL” Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca IAGO, Oaxaca, México. February 2013

“Oaxaca desde Acá” 9th proposition of TC3 Contemporary cubism textile Museo Textil de Oaxaca, México July 2011

“MakiyateMakiyaje” (MakeupMake-up) Instituto de Cultura de Baja California (ICBC) Tijuana B.C. México. October 2002

“Entre el riesgo y el castigo” “Between the risk and the punishment” Galería de la Ciudad. Tijuana B.C. México. February 2001


“Mexico” Frankfurter Volksbank Frankfurt, Germany 2015

Participation in the project "Graphic File" Demian Flores / The Tannery, 12th Habana Biennial, 2015

EL COLLAGE COMO OBJETO ENCONTRADO Espacio Arterial, curator Karen Huber Mexico City 2015

VIII International Banners Biennial Centro Cultural de Tijuana, CECUT, Tijuana B.C. Mex. Curator Marta Palau 2014-2015


PLASTICA TIJUANENSE CEART Art Center, Mexicali Baja California Norte, Mexico. 2014-2015

La Frontera Art Virus LTD Gallery Frankfurt, Alemania April-July 2014

“Tijuana Makes Me Happy: Multidisciplinariedad en la Frontera” Mexican Consulate at Los Angeles California Curator Illya Haro November 2013-Jeanury 2014

Arropame desde los pies” Tapetes tradicionales y actuales Show was organized by the Museo Textil de Oaxaca in collaboration with the Exconvento de San Pablo. Oaxaca Mexico. September 2013 – January 2014

Trono de los de a pie La Calera,Oaxaca México April 2013

IRRIGACION Current art fibers and textiles from Oaxaca, Tijuana and Guadalajara Museum of the city– French aliance in Guadalajara Guadalajara México August 2012

ESPORA Contemporary textile art from Oaxaca and Tijuana Tijuana city gallery March 2012

OBRA NEGRA An aproximation of the cultural vision of the construction in Tijuana El cubo, CECUT March 2011

Public intervention Revolucion avenue Tijuana B.C. Mexico. October 2010

Auditorium of the arts and cultures Madrid, Spain August 2005

“Pintura Fresca” ( Fresh Painting ) Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, California State University Los Angeles CA October 2001

7th & 8th Cultural Festival Tecate Baja California, México. September 2000/2001

Sony Art Walk Mexican consulate-San Diego CA. April2001/2002/2003

“Tapetes 01” Tijuana’s Cultural Center CECUT, México. April 2001

“Todos somos otro” City galllery. Tijuana B.C. México. August 2000

“Tijuana en tarjetas postales” City gallery. Tijuana B.C. México. July 2000

“Configuraciones” Young cause gallery. Tijuana B.C. México. June 2000

“Del tiempo y unas gentes” Nina Moreno gallery. Tijuana B.C. México. June 2000

“Profunda interacción” Young juvenile gallery. Tijuana B.C. Culture House of Playas de Tijuana. México. August/September 1999

“Diferencias Complementarias” City gallery. Tijuana B.C. México. November 1998

“Sueños” Cultural House of Tijuana B.C. México. September 1997

Selected at the ARTEMERGENTE Biennial, Monterrey Mexico. 2015
Honorable Mention in the XIV Northeast Biennial Visual Arts Selection 2013
Selected in the XIX Biennial Plastic Arts of Baja California
Selected in the Ninth Biennial Puebla de los Angeles 2013 with the theme: THE POWER TODAY, What denounces? What announces?
Honorable Mention in the 5th National Biennial MIRADAS Selection 2012
Honorable Mention 13th Northeast Biennial Visual Arts Selection 2011
Selected in the XVIII Biennial Plastic Arts of Baja California
Selection 2011
Selected in the VI Biennial AIRE Contemporary textil art, World Textil Art Selection 2011
Selected at the 6th University Biennial founded by the University UABC, Tijuana B.C. México.
Selection 2000
Honorable Mention at the XII Biennial Plastic Arts of Baja California México. Selection1999